We All Need Iodine

May 24, 2012 – 12:09 pm

I have been so busy blogging about more frivolous things over at YouFrillMe, that I have sorely neglected this blog.  I’m not apologizing.  It’s life, ebbing and flowing.  But it doesn’t mean I’m not still passionate about health and nutrition and food.  So here I am, randomly posting on iodine.

Ever since I read Dr. David Brownstein’s book _Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It_, I have been convinced that we need to be consuming iodine in milligram amounts, not microgram amounts as our government RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) would have us believe.  I’m convinced that this is for our good health and well-being, cancer prevention, and longevity.

I also recently read Dr. Donald Miller’s article on Iodine for Health, in which he reinforces many of the facts/ideas I’d read in Brownstein.  Namely,

  • We should be consuming at least a dozen milligrams of molecular iodine/potassium iodide per day.
  • At least 15% of US women are moderate-to-severely iodine deficient.
  • Iodorol or Lugol’s solution are the best iodine supplements.
  • Iodine helps detoxify the body of toxic halides like bromide (a dough conditioner) and fluoride (found in tap water), both of which adversely affect thyroid function and increase cancer risk.
  • Eating iodized table salt DOES NOT ENSURE adequate iodine consumption.
  • Strong evidence suggests that iodine can help prevent breast cancer and eliminate fibrocystic breast disease in women.
  • Iodine can improve antioxidant status in human tissues,  and induces apoptosis in compromised cells, thereby reducing cancer risk.
  • Iodine supplementation alone can resolve some cases of hypothyroidism.
  • Concerns regarding excessive iodine consumption are largely unfounded.

Seaweed and algae are food sources of iodine, so if you eat a lot of those, great. But as iodine is a trace mineral relatively scarce in US soil levels, I believe supplementation is the best way to make sure you’re getting plenty.  I myself have been taking at least 1 tablet of Iodorol daily for nearly a year now, and I recommend reading Dr. Miller’s excellent article for yourself.

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  2. Fran,

    The naturopath I see in IC has me painting on skin patches of iodine every other day because I test low for it. (the test was a timed skin absoprtion test. I understand there are no actual blood tests that can be done to determine if one is low or not. Is that right?)

    By heather on May 26, 2012

  3. Heather: There’s no blood test that I know of, but there is an Iodine Loading Test, that utilizes urine. I believe it’s fairly simple: you take 50 mg of iodine in the morning, and measure how much is excreted in the urine over a 24 hr period. If the amount is less than 90%, then you are considered deficient. More info can be found in Dr Brownstein’s book.

    By vegeater on Jul 12, 2012

  4. Iodine supplements are great specially for those people who have thyroid issues. I wont prefer taking extra seafoods instead of iodine supplements. `:*.,

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    By Tammera Colander on Aug 8, 2012

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