Vitamin D Alert

March 31, 2011 – 11:06 am

Research is showing that the RDA for Vitamin D, currently 400 IU, is NOT ENOUGH to slash cancer risks.  The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) represents the minimum amount needed to prevent rickets in most of the population.  It is NOT the amount necessary to maintain blood levels of vitamin D3 high enough to halve your risk of breast and colon cancer, as well as your risk of multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes.

Your blood vitamin D3 level should be between 50 and 90 ng/ml to reduce disease risk.  Have your levels checked to make sure they are within this range. Your daily intake should be in the range of 4000 – 8000 IU in order to maintain these levels, according to the latest anticancer research:

“We found that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults in the range of 4000-8000 IU are needed to maintain blood levels of vitamin D metabolites in the range needed to reduce by about half the risk of several diseases – breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes,” said Cedric Garland, DrPH, professor of family and preventive medicine at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.  “I was surprised to find that the intakes required to maintain vitamin D status for disease prevention were so high – much higher than the minimal intake of vitamin D of 400 IU/day that was needed to defeat rickets in the 20th century.”

Again, I cannot stress enough how important adequate Vitamin D is for cancer prevention. According to the Vitamin D council, “Vitamin D inhibits inappropriate cell division and metastasis, reduces blood vessel formation around tumors, and regulates proteins that affect tumor growth. It also enhances anti-cancer actions of immune system chemicals and chemotherapy drugs.”

Folks, Vitamin D is indispensable to your health.  For more info about how to get sufficient Vitamin D, check out the Vitamin D council. If you can’t get daily sunlight, supplement with Vitamin D3.

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