Rainbow Grocery Adventure

August 2, 2010 – 2:39 pm

I had already planned to go grocery shopping this morning, but after my snapping from the Midwife this morning, I decided to high-tail it to Rainbow Grocery, in the Mission District in San Francisco.  It’s a worker-owned co-op grocery.  It smells just like the co-op in Iowa City (Do all co-ops smell this way? this lovely, herby, homey way?).  But it is huge and has everything imaginable. Granted, I’m a bit of a bumpkin, but I have never been so impressed with a Bulk section — it is magnificent: beans, grains, flours, teas, granolas, nuts, pastas, soup mixes, dried fruits, spices, you name it….  They have all the cool vegan products, from hemp ice cream to Gardein meatless meats, to all kinds of vegan cheese I’ve never seen before.  And a great selection of personal care and supplements.  I was in vegeater-heaven.  I spent way too much money. I only wish I had been better-prepared, like with a list of things I know I need and some meal-planning already done.

It won’t make sense for me to shop there all the time, but maybe more like once per month.  Trader Joe’s seems to have the best prices I’ve seen, but they often don’t carry things I’m looking for (coconut milk and coconut creamer, for instance).   For fruits, veggies, and other weekly items, TJ’s will do.  And next time I go to Rainbow I’ll take along a grocery list and my fella so he can schlep my bags around for me :)

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