Today I cooked…

August 10, 2010 – 7:58 pm

I cooked a lot. I have been experiencing occasional insomnia.  So today, I baked Blueberry Apple Spice muffins (gluten-free).  At 4:30 a.m.  Hubs awoke to a big batch of muffins sitting on the kitchen counter.  The recipe came from the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.  It’s the Cranberry Apple Spice muffin recipe, except I couldn’t find any cranberries at TJ’s this week, so used blueberries, which are plentiful right now, instead.  I love love love having some sort of healthy fiber-full baked good ready for breakfast in the morning.  You can freeze these, too.

The new VT has a spread on hummus, wherein they provide a basic hummus recipe, plus various ideas for flavoring additions.  They mention in the article that the basic recipe makes a large batch, but that the hummus freezes well (!).  You know how fond I am of freezing things.  Hummus is perfect babymoon food.  So I made the big batch (from dry chickpeas for all my eco-friends and budget watchers;  I use my pressure cooker for this.  The Pressure Cooker is also on my list of top five kitchen tools.If you soak the chickpeas beforehand, you have perfectly tender ones in less than half an hour.) and spice it with cayenne, lemon, a hint of truffle oil (a gift), and kelp flakes.  I recently wrote a paper on sea vegetables for my Food and Culture class, and have been obsessed with kelp flakes ever since; mmm, iodine. No really, start sprinkling kelp flakes everywhere; you’ll never know they’re there, and your thyroid will thank you.

And lastly, I turned my hand to this Leek and Brie Bruschetta, from Martha Stewart.  I have been jonesing to try this recipe for a while.  Leeks are not budget-friendly food, at least not in my neck of the woods.  Neither is brie.  In fact, the recipe calls for 6 leeks, but I could only bring myself to buy four for a whopping $6.  I would not ordinarily do this, but this recipe has been calling to me and I had to shut it up.  And 4 leeks were plenty.

But here it is folks: if you get your hands on some cheap leeks, SNATCH THEM UP.  Quickly make a run for the bread and brie aisles, grab some tomatoes (and a bottle of vino), then RUN home and make this bruschetta.

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  2. the bruschetta was amazing.

    By ieatveg on Aug 11, 2010

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